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    Leadership skills

    Thank you so much
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    Hide those shops

    +1, make this happen please.
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    Leadership skills

    Which book do I need to get P leadership skills? I know I need sunzi, but I don't know how many and what are the other two books.
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    Hide those shops

    It doesn't matter. You still lag even if you only see the shops that are near you. I don't think it's that much of an issue to most players but it would be nice if we were able to hide all the shops.
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    I want to buy tincture of the name.
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    Can't open a store

    Just relog.
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    There are 5 channels and several different locations where you can hit metins. They also have very short spawn. Therefore, there is rarely any shortage of metins and if there is, then it's only for a few seconds, 20seconds at most.
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    Frequent disconnection and then difficulty connecting.

    Aw okay, that's great to hear. :D
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    Frequent disconnection and then difficulty connecting.

    It happened to me again. I can't log in at the moment. It happened after I teleported to map 1 blue but it doesn't only happen when I try to teleport. Sometimes, it happens out of nowhere. How can I help you I? I don't know what sort of information I need to give you. All I know is, I can't even...
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    Frequent disconnection and then difficulty connecting.

    Hey, I would just like to point out that I sometimes get disconnected out of nowhere. And the issue is, I can't reconnect. I log into the character selection, I click on my character to log in. And then, I see the picture of the login, afterward, it logs into the server for a half a second and...
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    Buffis are useless... (to some)

    The lightning buff already doesn't give much while P. It gives enough but not a whole lot. A secondary lightning buffi would be pretty useless in my opinion.
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    What to buy for pvp gear?

    Hey, I just leveled my mage (healer), and I wanted to know what I need to buy first to gear him up for pvp. My shaman has nothing at the moment and he is level90.
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    How long does the elixir last for?
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    Weird bug

    Hey, I don't know if I'm the only one but this bug happen to me once or twice a day and it's kind of annoying. I would sometimes get very laggy (even though my internet is good) and then I sort of get half-disconnected and then connected again while also not being 100% connected or disconnected...
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    Daily Missions, Daily Rewards!

    +1 for daily quests. But it needs to be a quest that can't be easily be done by logging several accounts in one go. That would be quite fair for people who can't use that many accounts at once. Also, as the other people suggested. Weekly is far more preferable.