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    yes there is another language instead of Arabic.
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    Infected Garden Run

    +1 make the metin drop more, and make the dungeon takes less time.
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    Paysafecard problem.

    I want to charge my account using paysafecard method, but this massage appear each time (This paysafecard pin code is not permitted for payments at this web store. Here you will find more information about which web shops you can pay with this pin code.) please help me. you can massage me in...
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    Feedback PVP Server

    Body worrier: (Aure of the sword) disappear when you change the weapon, which is very critical if you have class weapons. Solution: make the skill disappear when you change the weapon costume rather than the weapon it self, or when there is nothing in both weapon and weapon costume slots.
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    Removing click through chat

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    Feedback PVP Server

    please buff body warrior. there is no chance for body against mental, make some change so that the more skilled player win.
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    Crystal dragon chest and black pearl treasure chest.

    yes I'm taking about crystal dragon chest not the boss, the chest need to give something worth more.
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    Crystal dragon chest and black pearl treasure chest.

    1- The only thing worth it form crystal dragon chest is 12 strength other than that it's worthless. change it so it can drop prunous enchanting from 1 to 3 pieces with chance of 30%, and 70% chance to drop you costumes bones. 2- black pearl treasure chest. make it drop some of the material to...
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    Nobody wants to upgrade rough alchemy

    +1 it only going to make things faster.
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    Feedback PVP Server

    Class: body worrier. Problem: dash skill and berserk skill. 1-Dash skill give no movement speed when you use it. 2- berserk skill is useless. Solution: 1-make dash skill give you x2 or x3 the movment speed when used. 2- berserk skill give casting speed instead of susceptibility to damage...
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    Revolutionary idea *PvP*

    -1 but what about casting speed ? . So Berserk give you attack speed, movement speed, and casting speed.