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  1. AnasZeus

    Leadership skills

    Which book do I need to get P leadership skills? I know I need sunzi, but I don't know how many and what are the other two books.
  2. AnasZeus


    I want to buy tincture of the name.
  3. AnasZeus

    Frequent disconnection and then difficulty connecting.

    Hey, I would just like to point out that I sometimes get disconnected out of nowhere. And the issue is, I can't reconnect. I log into the character selection, I click on my character to log in. And then, I see the picture of the login, afterward, it logs into the server for a half a second and...
  4. AnasZeus

    What to buy for pvp gear?

    Hey, I just leveled my mage (healer), and I wanted to know what I need to buy first to gear him up for pvp. My shaman has nothing at the moment and he is level90.
  5. AnasZeus

    Weird bug

    Hey, I don't know if I'm the only one but this bug happen to me once or twice a day and it's kind of annoying. I would sometimes get very laggy (even though my internet is good) and then I sort of get half-disconnected and then connected again while also not being 100% connected or disconnected...
  6. AnasZeus


    Hey everyone, I would like to know how to level the biologist for my healer. He is sitting at level 70 (for now) I am planning to level him to 90 for the biologist. I have yet to even start with the first biologist (orc teeth). My question is, how do I go on about doing all the biologist...
  7. AnasZeus

    How to start making pvp gear?

    Hey everyone, I have a farmer level81 and I also have a healer as main, who is level 65(0 gears). I just wanted to know which pvp gear should I get? Should I get the heaven tear first? Should I buy a fan or a bell 65+9 and then upgrade it, or just level my mage first then buy pvp gears 90+9? I...