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  1. Bes

    Patchnotes 3.0.3

    Hi, today we're having a maintenance at 23:45 CET with a duration of 5 minutes. The new Game Version will be 3.0.3. New: Preparations for the Empire War have been deployed. Preparations for the Boss Hunt Event have been deployed. Sindin's Offspring now has a visual HP bar, like the mast of...
  2. Bes

    Skill Duration, 1h !!!!!!!

    30 Minutes is more then enough, and dont forget its "only" P. On Aeldra we can Increase it to "L" without any problems or Questions :D
  3. Bes

    Zodiac Sword name wrong

    Both will be fixed, with the next Patch!
  4. Bes

    The Leadership rune from inspiration level 2 doesn't work

    Its only a Description error, Lv2 has 30%, fixed with the next maintenance!
  5. Bes

    Game Rules

    Hi, today we added § 12. Every player should be able to choose his name as he wants, if he is gone you are unlucky. But no profit is to be made from it. § 12. Name sale It is forbidden to sell Character and Account Names for yang or real money. Also it's forbidden to reserving names without...
  6. Bes

    New Worldboss for 3.0 Content

    We will bring a world boss, but this is supposed to create big PvP battles, which is why we are still working on a system that will make our plan possible.
  7. Bes

    Thranduil Too Much Defense

    To defeat Thranduil, we currently presuppose the old Content EQ as well as the Level 2 runes. If that is the case, a Sura will also beat him. There will be no changes to Thranduil in this regard.
  8. Bes


    So you bought 720 points and used them ALL? You must have learned all runes to get the opportunity to improve your runes to level 2.
  9. Bes

    [Special Offer] Gold Phoenix Skins

    For the period 22.02.19 - 28.02.2019 , there will be a special offer to buy the following items in the Costume Shops: Gold Phoenix Sword Gold phoenix Blade Gold Phoenix Killer Gold-Phoenix Arc Gold Phoenix Dagger Gold Phoenix Bell Gold-phoenix Fan Sincerely your Aeldra -Team
  10. Bes

    Bosshunt Event 22.02 - 24.02.19

    Hi, from 22.02 - 24.02.19 will the Bosshunt Event take place. Description: The concept of the Bosshunt Event is that on all four neutral maps (Valley of Seungryong,Yongbi Desert,Mount Sohan and Fireland) in a interval of 1 hour two monsters, the so called Shadow Warriors will spawn. The Shadow...
  11. Bes

    Patchnotes 3.0.2

    Hi, today we're having a maintenance at 08:55CET with a duration of 5 minutes. Added an integrity check for runes to reset by the system, if the lv1 runes has been resetted by the issue lately. Level2 Runes are not affected, if you are missing them contact [SA]Bes or [CoMa]Teti on our Discord...
  12. Bes

    runes lost

    Write me a message on our Discord and list up all lost Items and how much Yang! (Only from the Level 2 Runes, we can restore the lv1 runes completly)
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    Patchnotes 3.0.2

    Hi, today we're having a maintenance at 03:45 CET with a duration of 5 minutes. The new Game Version will be 3.0.2 Bugfix: Thranduil ask you nof if you want to join the dungeon. Fixed the "Wrong Metinstone" spam in the Thranduil Dungeon. Fixed a bug that the Lv2 Runes just disappear. Fixed a...
  14. Bes

    Need help to join Discord server
  15. Bes

    Patchnotes 3.0.1

    Hi, today we're having a maintenance at 11:00 CET with a duration of 6 minutes. The new Game Version will be 3.0.1 Bugfix: The Thranduils Liar is now enabled! The Zodiac Exchange Quest has been fixed. You can drop Valentino & Valentina from the new Metins now. Changes: The Zodiac Dungeon...
  16. Bes

    [NEW]Animasphic Voucher, Dye, Passageticket+

    From 16.02.2019 You can purchase the following items in our Itemshop: Passageticket+ To enter the Thranduil Dungeon Dye To recolor your Skills! Animasphic Voucher Gives you 12 Animaspheres Prism of Revival Needed to revive yourself in the Zodiac Temple. Ore remover Removes Equipped...
  17. Bes

    Patchnotes 3.0.0

    Hi, with this update, we have tried to address some of the points that come more often. This makes the PvM Part , much heavier and longer-term with the upcoming content. Which is now based on perfection. In the opposite to the PvP part, of course it does not that easy, but is much simple...
  18. Bes

    Valentines Dungeon Bugs, Lag and some time wasted

    We would like to fix these problems, but we can't do it without any information. The problem only occurs with a handful of players, which makes the whole thing even more difficult. So before you continue on your dispute, you could give us some useful information with which we can work.
  19. Bes

    Zodiac weapons question

    There are 30s and 75s Weapon and you don't cry there either. It is time for you to work out something new. The decision has been made for a long time and will come. And switching the new weapons won't be a breeze, just by the way.
  20. Bes

    Zodiac weapons question

    Its time to say goodbye to the 75er Weapons :)