Battlepass [01.07.2018]

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Apr 8, 2018

From 1. July to 25. July the new Battlepass will be available in the Itemshop.
The highlight of this battelpass will be a Costume Voucher.
The Voucher can be exchanged at a special NPC. You can find this NPC on MAP1.
You will be able to buy them without the battlepass but with it, you can safe some coins.
The Battlepass is not tradable!

The new battlepass will contain following quests:

"The Perfectionist I"
Quest: Use 4.000 Enchantment Chest
Reward: Blacksmith Handbook

"The Perfectionist II"
Quest: Use 7.500 Enchant Item
Reward: 1x Pink Dragon Bean

"Take Notes I"
Quest: Write 50 messages in the general chat
Reward: 1x Bossroom Ticket (Azrael), 1x Twisted Key

"Take Notes II"
Quest: Write 100 messages in the general chat
Reward: 1x Bossroom Ticket (Nemere), 1x Bossroom Ticket (Razador)

"The Mining"
Quest: Collect 100 times ore successfully
Reward: 10x Soul Crystal, 10x Ruby, 10x Grenade, 10x Emerald, 10x Sapphire, 10x Diamond

"True Friends"
Quest: Spend 48 hours on a mount
Reward: 2x Boss Roll (Heavy)

"Martial Arts"
Quest: Kill 25 players from another empire (+/- 30 Level)
Reward: 2x Red Flame Stone

"The Trader"
Quest: Sell 1000 Items to an NPC
Reward: 1x Crescent Moon Ring

Quest: Defeat 100 Boss monster
Reward: Costume Voucher July

"The balance of the empires"
Quest: Destroy 250 Metinstones
Reward: Costume Voucher July

Sincerely your
Aeldra -Team
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