Battlepass [01.09.18]

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Apr 8, 2018

From 1. September to 25. Septemberthe new Battlepass will be available in the Itemshop.
The highlight of this battelpass will be Costume Vouchers.
The Vouchers can be exchanged at a special NPC. You can find this NPC on MAP1.
You will be able to buy them without the battlepass but with it, you can safe some coins.
The Battlepass is not tradable! You can only activate the Battlepass once per ID!

The new battlepass will contain following quests:

"They know you"
Quest: Write 50 msg. in General Chat"
Reward: 1x Ancient Scroll

"Even more Friends"
Quest: Add 15 players to your friendlist"
Reward: 3x Potion of Oblivion

"Sellout I"
Quest: Sell 250 Items to an NPC"
Reward: 1x Passage Ticket

"Sellout II"
Quest: Sell 500 Items to an NPC"
Reward: 1x Rappen Seal (3days)

Quest: Use 2500x Enchant Item"
Reward: 20x Fishchest

Quest: Complete 20 Dungeons
Reward: 1x Legendary Soulstone

"Blue,Red and Yellow"
Quest: Defeat 100 Players from a diffrent Empire"
Reward: 2x Redflamestone

"For the Ring"
Quest: Defeat 100 Bossmosnter"
Reward: 1x Crescent Moon Ring

Quest: Defeat 150.000 Monster"
Reward: Costume Voucher September

" Metinrain"
Quest: Destroy 750 Metinstones"
Reward: Costume Voucher September

Sincerely your
Aeldra -Team
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Apr 7, 2018
Due to the high community feedback that we have the wrong samurai weapons, or they simply do not like it, we decided to use a different version of the Samurai weapons. We have already uploaded the patch so you can see it directly! There is also an alpha channel with this variant which allows us to deposit the weapons with a Chromized effect!​

You don't have to buy new weapons, the models are simply overwritten and updated when patching! For those who are now thinking, oh crap, I have not bought mine, because they did not like me, it will give the skins to the 30.09.18 continue to purchase in the shop!​

You need to Patch to see the new Versions!!!

Sincerely your
Aeldra -Team
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