Battlepass [1.10.18]

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Apr 8, 2018

From 1. October to 25. October the new Battlepass will be available in the Itemshop.
The highlight of this battelpass will be Costume Vouchers.
The Vouchers can be exchanged at a special NPC. You can find this NPC on MAP1.
You will be able to buy them without the battlepass but with it, you can safe some coins.
The Battlepass is not tradable! You can only activate the Battlepass once per ID!

The new battlepass will contain following quests:

Quest: Sell 1000 Items.
Reward: 1x Blacksmith Handbook

Quest: Add 15 Friends to your friendlist
Reward: 2x Red Flame Stone

Quest: Catch 15x Fishes
Reward: 3x Potion of Thief

Quest: Use 1500x Enchantment Chest
Reward: 100x Gemstone

"Just do it!"
Quest: Use 5x Refined enchanting
Reward: Scroll of Hope

Quest: Write 100 messages in the general chat
Reward: 1x Boss role (expert)

"Blue,Red,or Yellow"
Quest: Defeat 150 Players from a diffrent Empire
Reward: Legendary Soulstone

(L.) "Eh, what?"
Quest: Defeat 250 Bossmonster
Reward: 1x Crescent Moon Ring

(L.) "The Hunt is on"
Quest: Defeat 250'000 Monster
Reward: Costume Voucher (October)

(L.) "Make it Rain"
Quest: Defeat 1000 Metinstones
Reward: Costume Voucher (October)

Sincerely your
Aeldra -Team
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