Battlepass [1.5.-25.5]


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Apr 8, 2018

From 1. May to 25. May the new battlepass will be available in the Itemshop.
The highlight of this battelpass will be weapons and armor costume vouchers.
The Vouchers can be exchanged at a special NPC.You can find this NPC on MAP1.
You will be able to buy them without the battlepass but with it, you can safe some coins.
The Battlepass is not tradable!

The new battlepass will cost x coins and contains following quests:

"Petri Heil 1"
Quest: Catch 25 Fish
Reward: 20x Grilled Goldfish / 20x Grilled Ayu

"Petri Heil 2"
Quest: Catch 50 Fish
Reward: 5x Grilled Tenchi / 5x Grilled Catfish / 5x Grilled Loach / 5x Grilled Lotusfish

"The Mine 1"
Quest: Collect 100 times ore successfully
Reward: Chose between 10x Soulcrystal / 10x Ruby / 10x Garnet / 10x Emerald or 10x Saphire

"The Mine 2"
Quest: Collect 250 times ore successfully
Reward: One random stone+5 / 10x Diamond

"The Research 1"
Quest: Complete 10 dungeons
Reward: 2x Boss Roll (Medium) / 3x Fancing Pamphlet

"The Research 2"
Quest: Complete 20 dungeons
Reward: 2x Boss Roll (Heavy) / 2x Dragon Scales / 2x Dragon Claw

"The Conquerors"
Quest: Kill 5.000 Monster
Reward: 1x Potion of Wisdom / 1x Master Sash (basic) / 1x Lord Sash(basic)

"The Hunter 1"
Quest: Kill 10.00 Monster
Reward: 1x Crescent Moon Ring

"The Hunter 2"
Quest: Destroy 100 Metinstones
Reward: 1x Armor Costume Voucher

"The Hunter 3"
Quest: Defeat 10 Boss monster
Reward: 1x Weapon Costume voucher

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Aeldra -Team
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