Black Jack [13.09.19 - 15.09.19]

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Apr 14, 2018

from 13.09 to 15.09 will the Black Jack Event take place.

You can choose between 3 different Bets: 10, 25, 50
If you win against the Dealer, you will get rewarded with the respective chest.
If you loose, you will loose your Bet and you can play the next round.

The player starts drawing the cards, the dealer follows. Always card by card.
If you draw 21 points directly, the called Black Jack, you win the round automatically without the dealer can submit.

If the dealer has 17 or more points on the field, the dealer stops and no longer draws any more cards.
If the dealer has 16 or fewer points, the dealer is obliged to draw more cards until he scores more than the 16 points.

By defeating monsters you will collect
Casino Coins during this Event. You can also buy the
Casino Coins at the Itemshop.
Warning: You don't drop inside dungeons, because of possible abuse.

Game Instructions:

  • Target is to score higher then the dealer, or bet that the dealer bust.
  • Highest count 21 (Blackjack).
  • If you or the dealer received too many points (over 21) means a loss (busted).
  • Cards count like :
    • 1 = 1
    • ..
    • 10 = 10
    • J / Q / K = 10
    • A = 1 or 11
  • If you go above 21 and got an A, then the A counts as 1 instead of 11, preventing you from bust.
  • You start with a turn by Hit (Take card) or Stay (stop), then it's the dealer's turn.
  • The dealer always hit's until he is above 17 then he stops.
  • If the game stops with an equal count, the dealer wins.

Round reward:
If you win your round you will get the respective chest of your Bet:

Bronze Chest (Bet 10x Casino Coin)

Silver Chest (Bet 25x Casino Coin)

Golden Chest (Bet 50x Casino Coin)

1568051017808.png 5x Emerald Crystal

5x Tourmaline Crystal
5x Ruby Crystal
5x Garnet Crystal
5x Sapphire Crystal
10x Cor Draconis (rough)
1x Fine Cloth
10x Casino Coin

2x Monster Fish
2x Poison Fish
1x Blue Dragon Bean
1x Time Elixir (m)
10x Cor Draconis (cut)
1x Potion of Thief
100x Enchant Item
5x Red Dew
5x Blue Dew
5x Yellow Dew
5x Purple Dew
5x Green Dew
5x White Dew
1x Potion of Oblivion
1x Researcher's Elixir

1xHairstyle Reinforce Item (Metin)
1x Reinforce Item Armor (HP)
1x Disco Pet Skin 7 Days
(10% Strong against Metinstones)
1x Legendary Exorcism Scroll
1x Legendary Concentrated Reading
1x Boss Scroll (expert)
5x Chest of Supply
1x Pink Dragonbean
2x Potion of Thief
1x Legendary Soulstone
1x Soulstone+
15x Cor Draconis (cut)
1x Xin-Bean
2x Prunous Enchanting
1x Elixir of Time (L)
3x Fish Chest
1x Fire Passage Ticket
1x Frosty Passage Ticket
1x Rune Chest (expert)
2x Gaya Coupon (1)

Sincerely your
Aeldra -Team
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