Patchnotes 3.0.0


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Apr 7, 2018

Hi, with this update, we have tried to address some of the points that come more often. This makes the PvM Part , much heavier and longer-term with the upcoming content. Which is now based on perfection. In the opposite to the PvP part, of course it does not that easy, but is much simple compared to the Zodiac weapons and much more.
We have now listed everything that awaits you and have gone into it a little more closely below in this thread. Have fun!

  • Added the new Skill Color System!
  • Added the new Soul System!
  • Added the new Boost & Ward System!
  • Added the new Emotes!
  • Added the new Level 2 Rune System with the Affect Icons for the Key Runes.
  • Added a new Quest line from 105 - 115.
  • 4 new Shields, 4 new Belts, a Kyanit Jewelry Set as well as the Zodiac Weapons and Armor were added.
  • You can now craft a Black Dew at Huan So. The Black Dew increase your potion and salvation effects between 10-20%!
  • If you are in combat, it is still possible to change your equipment.
  • Removed fly on boss type monsters
  • Added a new Rune into the Dominanz Path : Strong against Zodiacmonsters!
  • Emojis have been incorporated into the tooltips that show you the most important hotkeys!
  • Making Master Sashes at Theowahdan has been simplified. He also sells Costume Sashes from the Zodiac right now.
  • It is now possible to craft the Passageticket+ at Soon.
  • A new item has been added, allowing you to remove equipped permanent Ores.
  • There is now a Spectator Mode for the Tag Team Event.

  • You can now also use special characters in your character name. Furthermore, we have increased the number of characters used from 12 to 16.
  • The Gaya Shop has been slightly reworked.
    • Removes the 30 day items.
    • The 14-day items now cost 10 instead of 18 Gaya
    • There have been added dye, ore remover as well as prism of revival
  • Dew's are no longer controlled by the average price, they can now be put in the shop for any price.
  • The Holy Green Potion no longer goes out should one die. Furthermore, it now holds permanent and no longer only 30 minutes
  • You can now get Prism of Revival from Jotun as well as from the Crystal Dragon and the Black Pearl Treasure Chest.
  • Monsters who are already death now immediately disappear from the Mini Map.
  • The monsters in the dark forest as well as in the magic forest no longer attack on their own!
  • It´s now possible to get Prism of Revival from Mission Books Royal & Expert!
  • Increased the Exp on the 90s Maps. Maybe you can Level there while farming now!

  • Fixed an Bug in the Polish client if you wanted to sell Item in stacks.
  • Fixed a Bug that had caused a kick when try to teleport.
  • Fixed a Bug with the Anniversary Sash.


Soul System (Costume Sash):
  • A souls system for costume sashes has been added.
  • At Chuk-Sal (New Farmmap), you can craft and improve souls.
  • There are 2 different souls, heavens and dream souls, one for PvP, the other for PvM.
  • Each of these souls has 5 levels, each of which gives you different bonuses.
  • Into a max level costume sash can be added 5 bonuses. (Each soul only 1x and only one type of soul)
  • If you are not satisfied with the bonuses values, you can enchant the shoulder sash with a magnificent enchantment.

Boost & Ward Skills:
  • Boost & Ward skills have been added, which you can reach among the Skill Page via the new Special button.
  • Each class can perfect ALL Ward and his respective Boost skill.
  • To read the Ward & Boost Books as well as Soul Stones +, you´ll need a speical Legendary Exorcism Scroll & Concentrated Reading.
  • Excess skill points, can be invested in boost as well as counter skills.
  • Each Soul Stone+ will cost you 10,000 ranking points.

Runes System & Level 2 Runen:

Since it has always been necessary to complain that the Rune items, on the 105th map, have no value, we have decided to provide you with an extended form of the Rune System and hope that we can increase the items in value.
  • If you have learned ALL runes, you will have the opportunity to put another point into the normal Runes in order to improve this rune again.
    • (Strong against Monster 20% -> 25%)
  • Key Runes are excluded.
  • Added a new Rune into the Dominanz Path : Strong against Zodiacmonsters!
  • Affect icons have been added to your selected Key Runes. If you use these hovers, for example, you can see the number of your earthy souls.

Skill Color System:
  • A Skill Color System has been inserted, which allows you to color your skills as you wish.
  • You get a quest with level 55, in which you have to destroy 250 metins from level 85, once you have completed them, you can choose a skill which you can instantly recolor. (Here, the skill level does not matter)
  • In order to color further skills, you need the item "dye", which can be purchased in the Gaya as well as in the Item Shop.
  • If you use this item, you will see all your Legendary Skills that you can still activate.
  • The Buffi Skills can be colored in the same way, for that you need P skills and an active premium status.

New Equipment:

With the 3.0 update, there will be a number of new EQ so that you really have something to do in the long term. However, these are different times, so the PvP EQ is a little easier to reach & perfect like the PvM EQ, which will rob you of the last nerve =)

You can craft the PvP Equipment at the Guardian of the Forest, but you can only achieve it with luck. If you defeat Thranduil, there is a slim chance that the Guardian of the Forest will appear.

  • 4 New One Side Shields
  • 4 New One Side Belts
  • Kyanitbracelet
  • Kyanitearrings
  • Kyanitnecklace
The specialty of the Kyanit Equipment lies in the versions of the added ores. We've made from 4 Different EQ parts, 1, now we can't include all 4 Status Bonuses in this EQ as you also need useful bonuses. That is why we thought a while about it and came up with the following solution: By adding ores you get different status bonuses, the bonuses of the respective EQ parts are ignored. For example: Use a Ruby: Int, in the case of grenade: strength or in the case of emerald: mobility.

The PvM Eq can only be obtained in the Zodiak dungeon, as well as the items you need to improve. You can get the Zodiak weapons and armor from the Astral Treasure.
You can only get these chests through the conclusion of the Mystery Quest series or through the Zodiak Calendar.
  • Zodiak Weapons
  • Zodiak Armor
Since we don't want only swords & 2hand weps. to have value, there's a little peculiarity. You can exchange all weapons & armor, if you don't need them, at the Zodiak NPC for an uncertain number of ostentatious ones needed for the Souls System and also for the Zodiak weapons. Yes right, the bonus of the Zodiak weapons can not be changed with normal enchants.

Thranduils Lair:

You need a Passageticket+ to enter Thranduil's Lair, which you can craft at Soon.
The structure of the dungeon is similar to that of the Razador dungeon. The Stone in the middle of the dungeon will distribute you a total of 6 different tasks in a row, which must be completed, only then can you defeat Thranduil. After Thranduil has been successfully defeated, there is a 10% chance that the Guardian of the Forest will appear, where you can craft the new PvP equipment.

  • To enter a Zodiac Dungeon, you need 12 Animasphaers. You get one Animasphaer per hour, whether you're offline or online. Premium users get two Animasphaers per hour. You can collect up to a maximum of 36 Animasphaers . There is also an Animasphaer Voucher in the Itemshop or as drop at the Zodiac Bosses.
  • There are 12 different instances you can complete. Two different instances are open every day of the week,. On sunday all 12 instances are open. The run consists of a total of 40 levels, 34 levels to the final boss, 6 more bonus levels to the get to the Zodiac NPC.
    If you die, you have to use a Prism of Revival to be revived. For each death, the number of prisms gets doubled.
  • You can open the Zodiac calendar at Monk Milbon. To get the Aurelion Treasure you must have ticked off all the yellow fields. For the Aventurine Treasure you must have ticked off all the green fields. Once you've picked up an Aurelion Treasure and an Adventurine Treasure, you can pick up an Astral Treasure.

Mystery Quest´s:




Mystery I (lv. 105)

150x Strong En-Tai-Fighter, 150x Strong En-Tai-Warrior,
150x Strong En-Tai-Druide, 150x Strong En-Tai-Healer,​

1x Heaven-Soul
1x Dream-Soul
10x Prism of Revival​
50.000.000 Yang

Mystery II (lv. 108)

3x Sindarin,
3x Thranduil​

3x Magnificent Enchantment
10x Prism of Revival​
50.000.000 Yang

Mystery III (lv. 110)

250x Zephyr, 250x Lup, 250x Zyong,
250x Centaur, 250x Ellyos, 250x Gardian Dragon, 250x Satan,
250x Condor, 250x Tellios, 250x Om de Fier, 250x Typhoon​

1x Aureolin Treasure​
10x Prism of Revival
150.000.000 Yang

Mystery IV (lv. 112)

15x Metin of the Rat, 15x Metin of the Ox, 15x Metin of the Tiger,
15x Metin of the Dragon, 15x Metin of the Snake, 15x Metin of the Horse,
15x Metin of the Goat, 15x Metin of the Monkey, 15x Metin of the Dog​

1x Aventurine Treasure​
10x Prism of Revival
150.000.000 Yang​

Mystery V (lv. 115)

Yin, Si, Wei, Mao, Hai, Zi, Shen, Wu,
Chen, Xu, Chou, You​

5x Magnificent Enchantment​
1x Astral Treasure
250.000.000 Yang​

Thanks for your patience during this maintenance!

Sincerely your
Aeldra -Team