Patchnotes 3.4.4


Apr 7, 2018

today we're having a maintenance at 16:55 CET with a duration of 5 minutes.
The new Game Version will be 3.4.4


  • Implemented a Dummy Scroll at the general store for 10kk you can spawn a Dmg-Dummy for 5 minutes, and test your damage, there is a ranking for skill-dmg and 10hit's dmg. Will be soon on the website too.
  • It is now possible to close a Private Message by clicking CTRL+Left Click on it.
  • You can now craft Rune Chests at Yon-I-Walker.
  • You can now set a Hotkey to change your equipment faster using the Equipment Changer.
  • Added an information button on the Combat Zone window, which leads to this thread.
  • Fixed a bug where the Sash of Chen (Custom) was not visible while riding a mount.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't change the color of a skill to it's standard one.
  • Fixed a bug that the 3rd & 2nd bonus of a Costume would appear in the wrong color.
  • Fixed a bug where some monsters didn't count towards the Infected Garden daily mission.
  • It is now possible to store Cor Draconis into the Upgrade Storage.
  • You can now find Soon in Cape Dragon Fire.
  • Dummy is now level 135, so that nobody can poison it.
  • We've replaced the monsters at the Mystery III quest because we changed the Zodiac Temple and replaced the stages where these monsters are spawning.
  • You can now disable Offline/online shop sell notification.
  • You can no longer create an offlineshop nearby NPCs.
  • You can no longer use White Flags at the Empire War.
  • Some bosses now no longer knock you away.
  • The chance of Unknown Talisman has been greatly reduced.
  • The Zodiac bosses are now always dropping 4 Prunous enchanting.
  • The Garden Tyrannt now always drops 3 Prunous enchanting, but there is the possibility to get a 4th.
  • Thranduil now always drops 2 Prunous enchanting, but there is the possibility to get a 3rd.
  • If you exchange Zodiac Items, you now get between 10 and 35 Prunous enchanting.
  • At the Haunted Missionbook, we have replaced the Condor monster into Om de Fier Zodiac.
  • We have updated the Soul Robbery rune description.
  • You can now directly place items into your offlineshop from the Special Storage.
  • You can't drop anything from the lower Lv. 90 Map Bosses if you are Lv. 115. (They are Lv. 85 now)
  • Improved some translations.
  • Combat Zone: When you have 0 points and die you will not go in minus points anymore.
  • Combat Zone: We removed the 50.000 HP Mapbuff.
  • Combat Zone: You get 2 points for a kill instead of 1.
  • Combat Zone: White flag is now blocked on the Combat Zone Map.
  • Combat Zone: When you die and want to respawn you now spawn randomly on the Map.
  • Combat Zone: When the Combat Zone ends and you get teleported out you now receive your points.
  • Combat Zone: When you enter the Combat Zone all buffs like blessing, attack up will be removed.
Thanks for your patience during this maintenance!

Sincerely your
Aeldra -Team