Paysami's big suggestion thread #1


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Apr 7, 2019
Hello community of Aeldra,

After month of playing on Aeldra i found some good stuff to imrove/change.


1) Metins 85 vs MAP90 are very unbalanced. At afternoon the metins 85 are busy. I mean all CH. In map 90 there are free spots. Why? Because metins 85 giving more money from emeralds etc. Farming metins in MAP90 is not worth because u can buy it from farming metins 85.
-Add to MAP90 Metins 3x piece of green stone
-Make metins from MAP90 lvl 90. It will be still work of low levels to farm emeralds. (115lvls will not get drop)

2)Nerdlife? Casual players? Fighting like mouse and cat in map 90s for Bosses is studidly nerdy a funny.
If players are wating 2 hours on metins to take spot of Boss they have no chance with players 115lvl who gives 150k dmg to a boss and steal boss.
Add small chance to drop passage ticket from dungeon boss. To solve price of tickets on market. Its looks like low levels are working for big players. Which is sad.

3)Aeldra is not good space for dungeon lovers.. Look at razador, nemere, azrael where u can skip whole dungeon by boss room ticket..
I think the boss room tickets are for players who doesnt want to spend so much time in dungeons.
If full dugeon run gives like 75% chance to drop items twice + chance to drop more from boss we could achieve more full dungeon runners + BIG ADVANTAGE FOR NEWBIES.

4)Adding custom ranks. Yes this is thing of high school servers. But this is another way to add it.
The achivement rank system. U can pick rank whatever u want. There would be:
Killer,Murder,.... for PvP points (Killed players)
Farmer, Hunter,... for PVM points - example calculation pvm_points=(mobs/80+bosses*30+metins/4)
[I,II,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X] levels of ranks

The ranks are avaiable when points are reached in some game window.
ex: [VIII]Farmer Nick || [III]Hunter Nick || [IX]Murder
After X Farmer the Hunter is unlocked. This solve [XXXLXIV] before names.

When the title is active it will gives bonuses:
Note: PVM ranks gives invisible bonus halfhumans +-30% to not use this in PVP.

Thats kinda new system, but it will give to game something new.

4) Rune system improve
-Adding more than 4 rune slots would be great. Like 6-8.
-After saving another slot i need to wait for 5seconds to switch on another. First change could be with 1s cooldown and second 5s. With 15s cooldown to get 1s again.
This applies to newbies who farm dark wood and wants to skip Thief runes with dominance.
ex: Before metin destroyed the player switches to Thief, pickup drop and attack next metin. But in this state player must wait few seconds to switch it again.
-Adding define of keybinds for each rune slot would be cool too!

5) WoW garrison??
This thing is hard to make af.
But imagine to have personal map for ID of player where u can have own NPCs and improve them.
-Firstly sending own warriors to a missions for like 12hours?
-Secondary has own npcs which farm some flowers, ores.

6)Daily quests
Adding some daily quests to achieve something is cool idea! There could be 5 different quests for each day with random prices.

7) Shaman attack speed bug from WarHorse. This is very old bug which is solved on most servers nowdays. I heard the Developer cannot fix this because of bin of server.
This is very limiting shamans to exp, or doing something. Every shaman secondary attack is not counted.
Fix: Adding strong against monster % when value of attack speed >= where the bug starts. (Not working in polymorfed state)

8) I do not really understand prices of F6 teleports where i can get by warp ring. (Biolog, Baroness, Azrael, Beran, Nemere, Razador)..
The Jotun is ok. Because u need to run the whole map. So 250k yang is worth there.
Fix: Remove teleport prices on places where i can get by warpring on the same place.

9)Bug Loggin in..
Sometimes i just stading in town and ive got login window. The Inventory sometimes has change to another player inventory, spells too.
Solution is restart client, or Log out account. But if the player who has this eq, skills etc recieve hits the account cannot be log out. So process kill is only way to do it.


9) Missions Experts and lower
I did like 30 mission expert books and drop was only yangs or something trash. These books are waste of time. Improve % to get something good.

10) Monster knowledge system
In Black Desert Online there is something like that. The player has note of all monsters in world. And he receives grades (C,B,A,S...) for killing them. Each grade gives some advantage against these monsters.

The monsters wouldnt be all monster across the metin2 world. But only Metins and Bosses.
The bonuses could be moredmg, ressist dmg, dropchance.

Knowledge is obtained by killing these stuff with some chance. There are also chances to get rank of it. It can be B, it can be S.
Player can reset knowledge (B is not good) and try to kill it more times to get something better.
The knowledge system will be NPC in every map1.

Here is guide from bdo page.
Try to watch to understand:


I really forgot something and there is also more i want to suggest. So #2 thread soon.
If u have any questions ask me :^).

Also my english is bad sry XD

Thanks for reading,

ingame: iPaysami, Paysa
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Feb 5, 2019
if you rly play months on this server and you dont even have tourmaline eq idk bro? maybe dont suggest new things but do make a full char. idk I see so much suggestion threads from players that are by far not finished on this server but want more more more more things to get implemented idk sir


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Jun 15, 2018
Most of these are said before but except 5 and 10 I will +1 for the others. Also 6 has been declined by team in the past. Keep it up with the suggestions now that I will stop playing. Cause only I and 5 more players cared about this server but never got appreciated maybe the opposite happened
Dec 6, 2018
I agree with most points except for 1(level 110 metin), if you add emeralds there, emeralds will become worthless trash again(Remember high level people can farm on level 110 metin).

I have already made a topic about level 110 metin so if possible i'd like to know your opinion on it :D


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Apr 7, 2019
Why i cant suggest some things? I am playing 120h and did big stuff, learn almost everything. I am playing private servers for 7 years in row and i know what i am missing or what improve/fix. Somebody who solving memoryRAMleaks? The client can eat 3.5GB ram for no reason. I want to help this community. Stop beeing toxic. yikes