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May 9, 2018
We would like to give the YangSellers / Buyers a heads up, we want to remind our community that trading Aeldra stuff (accounts, yang, items, etc.) for real money is not allowed. Lately, we have found many players going against this rule, and due to it, they have been permanently removed from Aeldra. We are also continuing to look for such players and punish them once we catch them. You can find more at our Game-Rules.

How do we take action against it?
Simple, we have a system which detects every yang trade between the players, we then check further into the players logs to find more information. If you are a YangSeller just know that you will be permanently removed from Aeldra, also if it's your first time that you bought yang from someone, we would simply just remove the yang from your account, if you do it again then it will result into a Permanent Ban. (It depends on the amount of yang you buy the first time if you get a Permanent Ban too or not!)

Also, to give you an idea of how many items / yang (135kkk) me and @Nayu was able to find in 1 hour of looking, we have gathered all the items/yang to one account.

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