Why delete my post?

Sep 12, 2018
I lost some items: nemere boss room ticket because server error
Need repeat thethe dungeon of crystal dragon because no stone droped
Need repeat the dungeon crystal dragon because the guy who was with me has the error client and close his game
The last ticket from jotum because he bloq me and i could move to kill him.
Oct 9, 2018
@Esparguete the moment exactly u have problem (client crash/stone no drop etc..) you go immediately to discord and talk to a team member THEY will add you to a list which upon successful verification you will receive the item back. YOU DONT HAVE to make a post about that. If you cant understand english tell a friend to translate this to ur language ^^
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Sep 12, 2018
Now is a little dificult because the evidences i put it before that someone delete it i dont have it more, but i will try.
1-I use boss room ticket nemere and inside it said you are conected to the server that error and i could do anything.
2-i was doing crystal dragon dungeon with other guys and no key stone drop and we must repear the dungeon, and the other time happen do him that error that close the client,i talk about that error a lot and the solucion that said to me was open new client after have one opened like some hours, but that is not the solucion because i played other metins and that never happened so must be fixed, so i lost other passage from crystal.
3-The last i go in side the jotum and he block me against the wall and couldnt move so died and i repeat the dundgeon. About 1 i put some print screen in 3 i did a vid so someone delete it